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Woman Claims To Have Infected 586 Men With HIV


These days, no-one acts like a Bond villain anymore. If people get angry at the world, they go out and just kick the closest dog instead of hatching some nefarious plan involving sharks, lasers, and a crude oil pipeline. Those days are sadly long gone. Or are they? Making the rounds on social media (and real life, it looks like) is this story of a woman with a singularly cunning plan. She wasn't going to just ruin one person - her plan is for thousands to suffer. This is one story that's literally going viral...

If you want to get revenge on a certain amount or type of people, then you've got two options. The first is to just beat them up one by one, which will pretty quickly land you in jail. The other was is to be far subtler. To use your body as a biological weapon, basically. To infect every person that you meet with HIV...

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