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Video: More UAE men are falling for the Skype sex scam!

according to uaeviral.com Online scams and extortion is a new trend of cyber crime that is targeting mostly citizens of Gulf countries and more UAE men are falling victims to these crimes.
One of these new trends is the Skype sex scam.The Skype sex scam is basically an extortion method where the criminal acts as if he is a very attractive lady, adds you on Facebook, and starts to flirt with you.
After knowing you for a bit, the criminal will ask to Skype you, then show a fake video of a woman. He will then seduce you to perform indecent acts on webcam.If you do fall for this and perform these acts, the criminal would record the whole thing.After the act is done, the criminal will upload your recording to YouTube, and threaten to send it to all your friends and family. These criminals will usually ask for around 1000-2000$ as payment. Even after you send the payment, they might possibly ask for another payment at a later date.
This form of extortion is being mostly targeted at citizen of UAE and gulf countries. This is due to the fact that in these countries, sex is a very taboo topic, and such scandal is extremely shameful in the community, which makes it easier to extort money out of the victims.

Warning: this video contains descriptions of sexual acts


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