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Viral : Kim Kardashian 'is offered $1million to spend an evening partying with Saudi Arabian prince'



Saudi Prince has offered a whopping $10m to spend a night with Kim Kardashian. Kim’s husband Kanye west was in the lime light recently when he admitted that he had a personal debt of $53m. The rapper has caught the attention of a Saudi prince who has offered money to spend a night with his wife kim.

The Saudi Defence Minister, Prince Mohamad Bin Salman, made the controversial offer yesterday, during a press conference.
The powerful prince, who has an estimated wealth of more than a billion dollars told reporters:
I have no interest whatsoever in his music or his clothing but his wife, she is a treasure of inestimable value. I would gladly pay $10M or even more to spend one night with her.
Neither Kanye West nor Kim Kardashian, have reacted to the offer yet, but it has already generated alot of negative reactions from various feminist organizations.
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