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Viral ; He is giving $180,000,000 to any man who will marry his daughter

 Viral over social media A daughter of a Chinese businessman Cecil Chao, from Hong Kong that her father offered a reward of $ 65 million to any man able to win her heart, saying that many marriage proposals showered them and countless, but it nevertheless is not disturbed by her father.

The Shao who knows the real estate magnate, and attracts the attention of celebrity journalism because of the many women's adventures, the amount big reward for any man able to win over his daughter's "homeopathic" Gigi Chao.

Gigi said that marriage offers from strangers and requests for an interview since the announcement rained out
Her father, adding that the producer in Hollywood movies offered to buy her story.

Gigi, revealing that the "Veterans of the United States and the people of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and from Istanbul, South America, Portugal, Italy, and all over the world have made her an offer of marriage. She said:" I did my best to respond to messages that seem intent well .. but will not Open the most. "

"Since Dad thinks it's so easy for me to switch from gay to straight, I should just leave it for him to demonstrate. I think I'll marry a man when he marries a man."

In addition, she pointed Alai that her father billionaire who drives a car, "Rolls-Royce" and owns a helicopter, though it is a childhood poor in Shanghai, frustrated revealed when old friend from their wedding in Paris in April / April prompted him to display the "huge bonus."

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