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A Dubai Resident Divorced His Wife Via Whatsapp And Her Story Is So Heartbreaking

According to ISLAMIC LAW, DIVORCE cannot be legal by WATSAPP.
It should b in front of IMAM n FOUR WITNESSES, n other related DOCUMENTS SIGNED As for divorcing via social media from her story of torture she should be praying to Allah thanks she got out alive and not dead like some women. However I think divorce should be done in person or legal way. If she has a contract he will be legally bound to honor  Sumaina Sharfi was devasted by the situation and filed a case with the local police in Hyderabad. She complained that her husband, Owais Talib, who she married in 2015, messaged her on WhatsApp – ‘Talaq Talaq Talaq’ on November 28 last year, signifying that their marriage had come to an end.

Twitter is probably more appropriate as you can make sure the relatives and friends know at the same time. Might even get retweeted by The Trump himsef


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