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Inside Dubai's Most Expensive Car Garage of sheikha mara princess of dubai

Shaikha Mahra Al Maktoum is considered a very charismatic person with a strong determination to pursue her life dreams and ambitions.

Raised in a multicultural environment (Her father’s origin from Dubai, UAE and her mother from Sparta, Greece), Shaikha Mahra Al Maktoum, grew up recognizing the value of diversity.
She was taught to respect different ideas, perspectives and traditions of other i...ndividuals, while appreciating her own culture and background.
She learned to show empathy, compassion and respect towards the needs and feelings of others, while the dynamism and imagination of her father sparked her love for exploration and horses.

She demonstrated her dynamic character and competitive spirit at a very early age when she started riding her first horses at the Oxford Nursery School in UK. After her mother’s graduation from the Oxford Aviation College, she relocated to Athens, Greece where she continued her education and training in equestrian sports, before moving to Dubai, UAE in 2009.


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