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BREAKING News : Donald Trump wins the presidency

=Viral over social media ! Donald Trump wins the presidency "Excitement and controversy and racism" .. those are the main features of the forty-fifth president of the United States of America Donald Trump, who has managed, despite concerns raised over the past year, to outperform the rival Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.
And Trump was born in 1946 in New York City, the fourth son of a real estate trade moguls months Americans Fred Trump, and his father sent him to military school when he was three years old on the back of naughty behavior in school.
Trump studied economics at the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated in 1968, and then entered into a real estate trade even became a billionaire, with an estimated fortune of $ 4.5 billion, according to "Forbes" magazine.
Began its inception in the real estate business after it borrowed million dollars from his father, then later he became a partner in his father's wealth, which was mostly real estate and construction projects in New York Management, and then took over as general manager of the company called "Trump Organization" in 1971.
In addition to the success of the Trump in its own very real estate, he also managed the beginning of the year 1996, in a building Ambrataiwih in the world of Alterviha programs, the most famous programs "apprentice" on NBC, and the program of the Miss Universe pageant and Miss girls America.
He married Trump three times, the first was a sprinter and casual Czech fashion Ivana Tzielenakova, then later married actress cinematic Marla Maples, which separated in 1999, and later was associated with the current with his wife supermodel, Melania Kaunas, which is of Slovak descent, and gave birth to their son Barron William.
Apparently Trump as a person is contradictory, as known for his multi-female relationships as his comments about them hostile, and so while defending the rights of women, and attacking former US President Bill Clinton, the husband of Hillary, given that his presidency has seen record a terrible attacks on women

He said he was in favor of banning people from entering the United States based on their religion.
He believes that women he finds physically unattractive or overweight are lesser people. 
He thinks that many Mexican immigrants are rapists
He encouraged violence against protesters at his political rallies.

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