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Windowless plane to become a reality ! Mind blowing ..

=spread over social media and newspapers ! London: Imagine flying in a plane without windows! Your imagination may soon become a reality with a British company working on such an aircraft.

The new plane that is still in the design phase will not only revolutionise the future of commercial flight but will allow passengers to choose panoramic views of the world around them, say media reports.
The concept for a windowless plane is the brainchild of the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), London.
“CPI is working on technologies now that will deliver this vision over the next 10 years,” CPI said on its website. The windows would be replaced with ultra-thin and highly-flexible screens that would display outside scenery captured by cameras attached to the plane’s exterior.
The new plane will provide a big panoramic view with walls fitted with screens all around that would let you see what’s outside, CPI said.

In fact, the windows of the futuristic plane will be digital wallpapers.
The passengers will have control over some parts of their respective sides to turn on or off or change the screens.

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