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For your children .. Marry a smart woman ! see why ...

=Did you know that your wits genes come from your mother? This site was uncovered Psychology Spot.
It was believed until a few years ago that intelligence depends on the father as the mother.
As women carry two X- chromosomes where genes intelligent - many studies have found that there are more than twice the proportion of children to inherit their intelligence from their mother.
You may give your dad some genes of intelligence, but the study says it will not have an effect on the brain. Males Inherit More Intelligence from their Mothers A lot of fathers are going to hate this, but genetic research has found guys probably get a lot of their intelligence from their X gene, the feminine one. Of 23 sets of matched chromosomes we all have, twenty-two line up pretty similarly, but we differ on the sex chromosome—men get an X from their mother and a Y from their father, and women get X’s from both mother and father. The Y chromosome in XY men has about a hundred genes, none of which seem to be involved with cognition—thinking, figuring, planning…you know, most of what we associate with intelligence. The X chromosome has a thousand genes, and a bunch of them influence cognition. The guys-get-intelligence-from-X-chromosome finding is particularly ironic with the Nobel Laureate sperm donor program at the Repository for Germinal Choice, which operated in California in the 80’s and 90’s. At the Repository—allegedly, we don’t really know—Nobel Prize winners donated sperm that women could buy for artificial insemination. Sorry, ladies, but if you had a boy there weren’t any cognition genes in the Y chromosome of that sperm. You’d probably have had a better chance of capturing freak genius for your sons from donor eggs from Nobel Laureates’ mothers.

This Vginat intelligence will not work, but if she is your mother, it will go directly to the cerebral cortex, and the paternal genes Vtaatuge to the limbic system.

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