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Shocking : a single mother spend over £2,000 on lip fillers to get her dream become true

=Many women over the world dreams of having a perfect body mesmerizing face and a hot  full lips but this story we gonna talk about today is Different  than the previous stories and goes viral over social medias and newspapers of a single mother  spend over £2,000 on lip fillers to get her dream trout pout she says she want more hotter lips and bigger than before. She also said: 'I spend all my time and the bulk of my salary caring for my son as my first priority is looking after him.

'I don’t go clubbing or go out much anymore because I have a child now. Doing my lips is just a little treat for me.'

Single Alia explains: 'I’ve got so many more followers on Instagram since I got my lips done. They send really sweet messages and encourage me to go bigger!' and it goes viral over the internet she also She explained: 'My new lips have given me so much confidence. Sometimes I do get stares down the street and my mum has told me to stop getting lip fillers.

she said it's doesn't bother me the reaction of people unless if i'm happy with myself that's all what matter

people reactions was shocking after seeing her pictures this is some comments below:

 30 year British woman has spent £2,000 on lip fillers to get her dream mouth. Her dream is never going to come true. She looks hideous. This is a nightmare come true.

Really? And i always complain my lips are tick? While somebody is spending such amount just to get some horrible looking lips? Ok,i will start appreciating how i look.

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