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Saudi man marries two moroccan girls in one night !

=a saudi man at the age of 35 years old marries two girls from morocco in one night  in the presence of a number of his friends, but the joy did not last much after he discovered the relationship of one of his wife with another guy

the young man named salem said The idea of ​​a marriage of two girls in one night came after a challenge from some of his friends, and has already traveled with them and arranged for it to marry two girls, said that after the completion of the wedding ceremony in the presence of brides' parents and his friends, he went to the hotel accompanied by his friends and wifes , and after they arrived one of his wife she explained to him that she is already in a relationship with one of his friends and they love each other and that she was only being forced by her parent to marry him just because of his money  which is make salem angry and divorce her

Salem said he did not hesitate to be separated by so you can marry who you love, explaining that he had given full rights and separated, only to return days later to Riyadh with his wife to complement their life together.

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