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Only in Dubai : Every kilo of weight lost will turn to gold

=Every kilo of weight lost will turn to gold

spread over social media A Rich from  Dubai has come up with a very unusual reason for their citizens to loose those extra pounds. They are willing to reward their overweight citizens with grams of gold for the weight they will lose during a period of one month.   also  Emirate of Dubai authorities launch a campaign to encourage people to lose weight, by offering a reward a gram of gold in exchange of a kilogram lost

so  “If you participate as an individual and lose weight, you will get one gram of gold per kilo you lose. But if you join as a family and your kid loses at least 2kg, you would get two grams of gold per each kilo of weight lost,” he explained.

The initiative began to lose weight in recent days to coincide with the month of Ramadan.

Up to each participant to lose two kilograms at least, knowing that the participants in the campaign is their weight by body composition analysis device which gives details on the content of the body of water, fat and muscle mass.

The initiative will continue from July 19 until August 16 / August spread five tents for registration of participants in the different parks in Dubai.

The campaign provides "weight went" one gram of gold (equivalent to about $ 42 now) for each participant for every kilogram of weight to lose.

This will get the top three losers of the weights on the gold coins is estimated at 20 thousand dirhams or about US $ 5,400.

The Director General of Dubai Municipality Hussain Lootah said the initiative aims to spread a healthy lifestyle among citizens.

He said Hussein Lootah said: "In the month of Ramadan and we found that we launch an innovative idea, we are encouraging the public to sports practices and underweight from which we honor them with gold."

leave your comment Do you think this campaign will be successful? And would you put in the extra effort to loose the extra pounds if you would be rewarded with money or gold?

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