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IPhone 7 Coming With Laser Keyboard launch event 'set for December 9 '

= Viral over social media  Iphone 7 is one of the most famous smart phone over the world  It may seem weird but the technology already exists. If the iPhone 7 will come with the laser keyboard, this will probably be the greatest achievement of Apple for the last few years. Magic Cube is a device which projects a laser keyboard and can be used with PC's , iOS and Android devices. What Apple has to do is just implement the technology in the upcoming iPhone 7. The video shows how the Magic Cube works.New Iphone 7 with innovative screen The next iPhone need to be innovative and the main part is the screen! new amazing concept shows the next generation of the iPhone device, iiPhone 6 with Innovative Screen.

The next iPhone will come with ( According to the concept ):
- 4.9 inch Full HD Sapphire front display, wrap around screen
- The next operating system of Apple, iOS 8
- Capacitive home button and Touch ID sensor with 600 dpi pixel density
- NFC sensor and bluetooth 4.1
- Apple A7 chip quad-core 1.8 GHz with 2x faster GPU
- 10 MP rear camera, 1080p@30fps, 1080p@120-160fps
- 1960 mAh battery with light indicator around the lightning connector
The concept was created by Iskander Utebaev and Ran Avni.

Here are the projected prices for phones iPhone 7:

- 32GB version for $ 790
2. 128GB version for $ 990
3. 256GB version for $ 1060

IPhone 7 Plus

1. 32GB version for $ 910
2. 128GB version for $ 1030
3. 256GB version for $ 1180

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