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Burkini islamic swimsuit banned at public pool in dubai for "health reasons"

Burkinis banned at public pool in dubai for "health reasons"

wild wadi water park prohibits Burkini for "health reasons" wild wadi water park in dubai , too, the burkini, Islamic swimsuit, consisting of a veil, a tunic and baggy trousers.

There are a few weeks, a controversy was triggered following an incident at an hotel in the city of dubai causing an uproar among Emiratti . A veiled woman was banned from swimming in the pool of that hotel because of its Burkini. Today it is the turn of the veiled female customers of a famous water park in dubai which also denied the wearing of the jersey.
Vacationers and visitors of waterpark dubai discovered, to their surprise, posters stating that the burkini, full suit with hood, invented by a Lebanese in Australia in 2007 for Muslim women veiled, is strictly forbidden, even when is made with a special fabric. The show in question evoke hygiene reasons.

wild wadi prohibits but does not intervene
The wild wadi dubai , also seems to make its clients aware of the prohibition brukini distributing flyers to visitors. They explain that it is forbidden to swim in full suit, regardless of the material of the fabric with which it is made. However, we have not seen any intervention responsible for the establishment face the few women who were swimming with their Burkini. 

ALSO in france a
 French police FORCE Muslim woman to remove burkini at Nice beach

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