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Breaking news : terrorist attack in thailand in hua hin including two in phuket

=breaking news in Bangkok on Monday evening and on Tuesday, a campaign of terrorist bombings in the worst attack in the history of this country. Where police said that a man threw an explosive device from a bridge in central Bangkok, on Tuesday, but did not cause any injuries occurred a day after a bomb blast in the city center, killing 22 people, including nine foreigners.

acording to New York, United States (CNN) - An explosion rocked the 11 number of areas in Thailand since Thursday evening, according to police officials of Thailand, which has killed at least four people, according to the latest official information.

Two explosions were targeted tourist resort in the "Hua Hin" area on the Thai coast and about 200 meters from the site blasts ex in the same area on Thursday evening, according to the police commissioner, Samore Youssomran, the blast sites close to the site "big time," a milestone in the the town.

According to Thai police, the four other explosions took place in the province of Surat on Friday morning, without elaborating any further details, sufficient to declare that this is nothing to do with international terrorism, a series of explosions.

There is no information available as of this writing for possible links between the blasts or adopted by any terrorist groups. Thailand is still in a state of extreme tension and division, after nearly a decade of protests interspersed by coups, who controlled the military junta to power in May / May of last year to end months of bloody protests against the previous civilian government.

Thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected in these attacks , we need to rid the world of the scum that carry out these cowardly attacks on innocent people.

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