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breaking news : Emirates airline is offering affected EK521 passengers a sum of $7,000 per passenger as compensation

=breaking news over social media and newspapers  claim that A number of Emirati passenger at plane (EK521), which had an accident last week while landing at the Dubai International Airport and led to the burning that they are going to get a compensation of $ 7,000 per passenger (about 26,000 dirhams) from the Emirates.

 Emirati crashed plane from India at Dubai International Airport and burst into flames.
And enables passengers and crew and a total of 300 to escape the burning plane, but the incident  killed a firefighter.
It showed pictures posted on the Internet thick smoke billowing from the plane that crashed upon landing.
The plane, a Boeing 777, coming from the city of Trivandrum in Kerala, south India to Dubai.

And a civil defense man Emirati died in the line of duty to save the passengers in the third August. as said  the Director General of Emirates Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the fireman who was killed as he tried to put out the fire.
He added general manager of the company at a news conference that the plane has evacuated contexts quite professionally, and that the crew had left the last of the ill-fated plane.

And despite the fact that Emirates has not issued any statement yet on compensation for travelers, but some passengers confirmed that they have received letters from the UAE earlier this week to inform them compensation of $ 7,000.

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