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A/B test proves that women find bearded men more attractive and hotter than the others with shaved beard

=A/B test proves that women find bearded men more attractive and hot than the one with shaved beard

According to the report the study proved that the beard make the man more strength & masculinity and dominance, in a study shows the men chin stakeholders involved in the study and found that they are more interesting to women, more  strength and masculinity, and the famous names that included in that study that have a chin, is Brad Pitt and David Beckham and Prince Harry.

After conducting the study and taking into account age, education, relationship status and other factors, the researchers found that levels of sex aggressive in men chin owners are much higher than men who do not have a chin, according to the newspaper

beards Gives a more masculine look

- Makes running fingers across it feel nice
- Takes kissing to a whole new level
- Portrays maturity
 -Shows they are strong and have an edge to their personality

also study proves that bearded man are perceived as healthier, more attractive and have a high levels of testosterone than the others

leave your comment and tell us if you find really bearded men more attractive than others ?

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