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women for sale in a supermarket starting from $ 11,000

=women for sale in a supermarket  in Tel Aviv israel

Over the past decade, about 10,000 women have been trafficked into Israel in what Keidar calls "modern slavery."

it's incredible but true "Woman" for sale "is a new title in Tel Aviv, shoppers were surprised at the commercial market there the existence of new merchandise in the windows offer a convenience store of real women, of flesh and blood, hampered them cards with prices ranging from 20 thousand shekels and 40 thousand shekels ( 5,500 to $ 11,000.) the Israeli organization of anti-trafficking Blepeshr this work was  done on Tuesday, the women stood rotation system in the display window chartered by the non-governmental organization in the middle of a shopping mall under the title of "woman for sale."

Fair to draw attention, and to propose a bill limiting the phenomenon of women slavery 

He said Uri Kedar, co-founder of the organization, he hopes to force the display of the Israeli public opinion to face the reality of trafficking Blepeshr painful. Kedar said: "What we see here today is an example of what is happening in the homes and cellars of this city .. but today we are introducing in the center of the commercial market so that people can understand. Is impossible for us to look the other way."
And he said to the Israeli Minister of Justice to accept the bill to allow the prosecution of those who engage in the underworld in order to reduce rates of smuggling women into Israel. Display organizers said that the proposed draft law imposes a prison sentence of six months for those who practiced vice, as part of a strategy to combat the trafficking of women, which is estimated at one billion dollars capital, by reducing demand rather than targeting women who work in the vice industry.

Women stand in a store window at a shopping mall with price tags on their hands

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