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Wealthy kuwaiti businesswoman's Twitter search for loving husband.

=this story gone spread over social media and newspapers  Thousands of men from various nationalities have expressed their readiness to marry a rich kuwaiti businesswoman who posted her wish to get married on the Twitter microblog.

“I am a divorced woman, but I have no children. I am looking for a man who would love only me. I have SR100 million and much more that I have inherited from my late father, God bless his soul. I also own a company that I am managing. I want a husband who loves me and I will be devoted to him. he must be a gentleman  A man who never cheats  and never betrays me for any other woman. And last but not the least for me the sexiness of a man lies in his unconditional love, his truthfulness, his honesty and his faithfulness for the woman he loves  I am 39 years old. I just want a baby,” the woman who called herself “Noora, a Divorcee Unfortunately”, said.

this is some Comments on social networks varied between elated enthusiasts who said that they were willing to marry the woman to disheartened skeptics who said that the offer was too bizarre to be true.

Cherie Sinton said  If it's true I hope she finds what she is looking for - someone to love her and have a family - someone who accepts her - in the end money doesn't always make you happy.

Simone Bz Said I feel sorry for her, to expose herself in this way...
No need of that, just ask the family to search someone that they think fits to what she wants, them starting the talkings to know if he is a good partner.
May Allah guide her to the straight path and give her a good and loving husband and pious children.

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