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the man deported for being too handsome gets a Rolce royce gift from a rich saudi woman

=the man deported for being too handsome gets a Rolce royce  gift  from a rich saudi woman

incredible but true do you guys remember the story of omar borkan al gala the man who get's deported and two other from saoudi arabia for being too handsome, Omar Borkan Al Gala needs no introduction, his good looks made him popular across the world and reached the hearts of women Now living in Canada, Omar is living a good life, so good that he has received a car from a female admirer in gift, and interestingly, he doesn’t even know her.

as we speak the handsome emiratti man get's again a gift car from a saoudi women who admired him  but this time the gift is a luxury rolce royce worth more than $100,000

he said “I got a Mercedes a Rolce royce  from a woman I didn’t know. It came to my place, and I was told, ‘Just sign and take it.’ That’s amazing,” the self-proclaimed poet, model, photographer and aspiring actor told In Touch magazine.

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