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shocking Gold Man' pounded to death in front of his son

Gold Man' pounded to death in front of his son
do you remember the viral story of the Indian businessman famed for $240,000 gold shirt when he bought a shirt made with more than 3kg of gold and worth £186,943-reportedly to impress ladies; Pune's 'gold shirt' man murdered brutally. Some unidentified people kidnapped him and crushed with stones to death.  police said.

shocking but true They suspect a dispute over money led to the murder and confirmed that 4 people have been detained for questioning.The 48-year-old businessman was reportedly beaten by a dozen men in Pune, India, who attacked him with sickle and stones before fleeing, according to local media reports. His 22-year-old son was spared by the attackers.

Reports suggest father and son were invited for a birthday party by one of the suspects. the moral of the story never trust anyone not all people want good for you may his soul rest in peace

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