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Japanese Restaurant serves food on the Female Bodies

=incredible but true  the restaurant "Samsa," the Japanese in Manchester Invented  a new way to attract customers as the restaurant's staff to provide food for its clients on the  female bodies of the two girls naked for $ 75 for the meal.

Following on from the recent Cannabilism report in Nuku Hiva we wanted to bring you the story of this weird restaurant in Japan. The food preperation and presentation style called Nyotaimori, means 'female body plate'

 will Engle, 22, and Kate Ling Rossi (25 years) representation of the role of human tables at the first real test for this strange heresy. And it will be placed on human body as  maritime chicken grilled on charcoal and fish salmon. He said Kate Ling : "I'm looking forward to participate in such a" cultural experience "

The customer will use sticks in the eating, as they had to the rules of good taste not to extend their hands to the bare bodies for whatever reasons.


Samantha Gore said Lyons, Director of Restaurants Samsa to the newspaper, saying: "The food is placed on the bodies of naked girls "

As long as the restaurant customers will deal with the experience in a civilized manner. "
He added: "delicious food and the body of a beautiful woman  essential elements of Japanese culture."

Kate Ling and suspended from Alderley Edge Cheshire boycott, saying: "I am happy that they will not give cold foods on modern tables."

Such ideas and fads and exotic against the literature illustrate the extent of the moral and intellectual decay of these peoples which claims to civilization and progress. We thank God for our religion and our traditions and our ethics which prevents us from such tactics disbanded and ask God to protect us,

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