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Husband Left His Wife on their wedding night to chase the "Pokemon"

=Pokemon go goes viral over smartphones iPhone and Android devices and reached all kind of ages and after the launcement of this games people get's more addicted to this games

that sounds crazy of a husband who left his wife on their wedding night to chase Pokemon

British wife was shocked  when she saw her husband  and most of the invitees are busy with their mobile phones to catch the "Pokemon", where the place of her wedding turned into a gym to hunt "Pokemon."

source said that most of the invites were busy chasing "Pokemon" instead of concentrating in the wedding this is realy so Ridiculous no one will want this things happen in his wedding but what to do this game is the trend of the year lol

She noted that the wedding comes a day after the launch of the game "Pokemon Goo" in the United Kingdom, where he has been downloaded 15 million times, and centered idea of ​​the game about catching the "Pokemon," which appear in the game through the mobile phone camera based on augmented  technology.

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