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Do you know why Russian girls prefer to marry Arab young man?

=A lot of talk lately about an increase in the number of young Arabs who marry Russian girls. beautiful Russian girls want to marry foreign husbands especially arabic men see why First thing that you have to understand is that most russian girls want to marry foreign husband and move to his homeland. In most cases they think of a life abroad as a more decent one comparing to Russia's. So, the point is not about well-mannered foreigners. Moreover, for some girls marrying a foreigner is a simple way to get other country's citizenship and maybe some property if they will divorce. But in general, most russian girls don't want to marry a foreigner.
Reasons for this increase in the cases of many marriages Here are the most prominent . arab men prefer to marry Russian girls because of earthly considerations. Russian women don't demand a wedding ransom, gold and expensive clothes. the majority of russian woman have a higher education and they are interested in psychology, politics, history. and good in the family life and giving birth to children also obeys her autocratic husband which is make her special for arab young man

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