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Breaking News : Pakistani celebrity ‪#‎QandeelBaloch‬ killed by brother:

=Pakistani celebrity ‪#‎QandeelBaloch‬ killed by brother: reports

police found out today the fashion pakistani  model Qandeel Baloch  actress and social media celebrity strangled to death by brother in suspected honour killing The 26-year-old, who is popular for posting risque videos and statements on Facebook, was killed by her brother, Regional Police Officer Sultan Azam said on Saturday. she become the new sensation of internet after this story went virals over social media and popular newpapers

The model shared her new selfies and video with the scholar on her Facebook account, which went viral on the social media.

Mufti Abdul Qavi was quoted as saying in Pakistani media that the meeting took place on the request of the controversial model.

This is extremely sad! Only ALLAH has the right to decide who shall live or die and who's gonna pay what for their deeds, either good or bad. But no one has the right to kill anyone. If ALLAH, HE who created the world can forgive us sinners then we human, the creation of ALLAH cant learn how to forgive? This is the hatred we keep in our hearts against our own brothers and sisters. They should've talked it out. Should've tried to get her back on the good track as being a Muslim, should've applied any other way yet decided to strangle her to death. May ALLAH provide her forgiveness and let her in jannah. We all are gonna die one day, and no one is perfect. And we all need to ask for forgiveness  from ALLAH! And then ALLAH will decide who to  forgive and who to not! So please guys grow up! At least don't comment something against her if you guys can't keep up something appropriate for this lady. She is gone. Pray for her forgiveness. We all need this.

A sinner muslim woman died without repentance. A sad day for the whole muslim Ummah and Pakistan.
May Allah have mercy on her soul. Amin !

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