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40 Yr Old Mother Decides To Marry Her 23 Year Old Son After Getting Pregnant from Him ! This is insane :O

=40-year-old Mom marries her 23-year-old son after he got her pregnant! This is insane :O

that's just incredible but true  this stroy was spread all over social media of a 40-year-old Mom marries her 23-year-old son after he got her pregnant!

A mother in Russia  is defending her decision to marry her own son , after she got pregnante from him   saying that she wants him rather than one of the brothers of her dead husband.40-year-old Betty  revealed that she is six months pregnant following a sexual relationship with her son, 23-year-old Farai Mbereko.

Betty Mbereko said that her late husband died 12 years ago, and his brothers tried to have sex with her while he was still alive.

After being charged with incest, Betty Mbereko told a court that she has a right to marry her son because she paid his school tuition for many years and she doesn't want another woman to benefit from her son’s education.
Farai Mbereko said that he is eager to marry his mother, and is even willing to pay off the debt of his father. The court decided to dismiss the charge against the woman.

it's really incredible how this people think So when baby is born would he call the father his brother of his daddy. That child will be so confused. But hey if is there life an they will have to suffer the consequences for there actions.......... In other words if they like it then I love. God said don't judge or you will be judged.

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