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Big Spender At A Dubai Club This bill for $130,156.005 (478,056 in UAE)

=This story gone viral over sociale media of a  receipt from the night out at Cavalli Club at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai  of Dh 478,056 receipt equal $130 156.005 U.S

incredible but true how comes this people spend alot of money while other people in other corner of the world are starving for food realy “Very disturbing, this money can support an entire village in africa 

In case you missed it, here’s what was ordered: A cake for $33, a six-liter bottle of Cristal $34,033, Cavalli vodka $1347, 2 three liter Cristal $19,058, 2 MG Luxor $16,335, 13 Roederer Cristal $22,935, 7 Luxor $10,482, some Red Bulls and other liquors plus 10% gratuity

Would you spend that kind of money in a club if you could afford it?

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