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emirati woman willing to pay $1.3 million to find suitable husband

=emirati woman willing to pay $1.3 million to find suitable husband

if you are searching for a wife then read  this story a emirati woman willing to pay $1.3 million to find suitable husband

but wait , the emirati woman has some condition :  the mysterious woman places on suitors is that he must “appreciate marriage life.” especially respect the marriage life 

the emirati woman said “It does not matter whether the new husband is attracted to my money as the most important thing is that he must appreciate marriage life and marital duties … I am even ready to accept a Misyar marriage which doesn’t require him to live under the same roof and pay him SR five million at once … He will live with me in my villa and must accept all my conditions which I will reveal to him later.”

the woman claim that she was divorced before she found out that her ex husband wasn't good enough for her was greedy and after her money " i want a real man who love me for who i'm not for my money  I am desperate to marry,” the woman said.

"Misyar marriage can be defined as a marriage contract between a man and a woman, in which the woman waives some of the rights she would have in a normal Islamic marriage. This sometimes takes place when, for example, there are many women who, as they get older, find it increasingly difficult to marry. In this case a woman opts for a husband who is not able to fulfil the normal marital duties like financial maintenance, or spending adequate time with her, for example. She considers that marrying such a husband is better than remaining unmarried."

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