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Emirati got 6 of his daughters married in exchange for «coffee and dates»

=This father of six daughters in Al Ain is all for dowry, but only a date and Arabic coffee (qahwah).

In response to an invitation for a wedding Ahbabi daughter sixth, having succeeded in marrying off five sisters previously in the same way, gathering dozens of guests from parents and neighbors in the office of his home to congratulate them.

Decided Ahbabi - according to "Russia Today," marry off all his daughters marriage ceremony itself without the need to reserve lounge in a hotel or monument luxury tent whatever pair Mysore course, all that is required of the groom, attend an invitation Arabic coffee in his office, and then taking his wife to his home, to take care of the groom to pay a dowry of $ 30 thousand dirhams is not, regardless of any additional costs or gifts or equipment or clothing or gold.

Ahbabi believe that the greatest gift offered to his daughters, who attend their share, is the availability of married life they are free of debts and loans to strain the shoulders of their husbands young people at the beginning of the long journey of family formation.

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