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A egyptian wife asking for divorce from her husband cause he is too handsome

=A egyptian wife   asking for divorce from her husband, based on a number of reasons, may be stingy or marriage to other or abuse her physically or mentally, she claim that she has a miserable life with her husband just because he is a handsome man and due of his work as a doctor the wife claim that she is jealous all the time from other female client  She said that she fears that he might have an affair because of his beauty and any woman may fall in love with him as his story has gone viral through social media and many people agreed with her and said that it's the right decision on but from my opinion she is a unsecure woman 


"Manal" began the story of her case for "dot Egypt", and that her husband paid for toxic cursed her day and night throughout the three years of marriage, with fear all the time of betraying her because of the nature of his work, until it became all yhe time watching her husband.

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