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what's the point of having all the money of the this dunya ?


what's the point of having all the money of  this dunya and the luxury of this world and the comfort of this world and the strength and the power and influence that anyone can obtain in this world and allah is not happy from you , what's the point of it ? of course you're sad , you are sad because allah is not happy from you , please allah , and allah will make you happy , but you want to commit the sins during the day and night and you want to be happy , and allah is happy from you that's impossible , you want to disobey allah , and you want allah to make you happy in return , that will never happen and that's why my brothers and sisters when you are sad and depressed ask yourself that question before you look into your bank account , how much money you've get there, and before you make an appointment with a psychologist and a doctor and you sit with other persons , ask yourself what's your relationship between you and allah Swt, because of that relationship you are sad , wallahi' from the moment you remember allah Swt , from the moment you knock on the gate of allah Swt, and pray to him you will feel the taste of happiness in your heart , because darkness in the heart brings sadness , depression , stress, But light and Noor brings happiness , comfort , brings calmness and tranquility , we have the wrong understanding of comfort and tranquility , we think that money is happiness , we think that power is happiness wallahi allah knows no one is happy with just money , and no one is just happy with fame, you hear every single day , the richest people commit suicide , why ? the most famous people are on drugs , why ?  if they were happy why do they go on drugs for ? if they were happy with their money they have , why do they commit suicide 'dunya' world is their worry ,  stress, and concern ,  but 'soubhanallah' "glorious is allah" , you are a "believer" that's your concern  everyday is how to please allah Swt, you sleep the best sleep , you wake up the best , you eat the best ,your heart is the best , as The Prophet (Salla-Allaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said;  “Whoever makes the Aakhirah his concern, Allah will gather together his affairs, place contentment in his heart and the world will come to him despite his reluctance. And whoever makes the Dunya his concern, Allah will scatter his affairs, put poverty before him and nothing of the world will come to him except what Allah has written for him.” inshallah you will find your way and allah swt, test the people he loves , so he loves you and i love you so much dear brothers and sisters , i hope this made you happy , God protect you

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