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A woman dreams of a perfect husband and a man dream of a perfect wife

A woman dreams of a perfect husband and a man dream of a perfect wife but they don't realise that allah created them to complet one another. Women were created from the rib of man to be beside him, not from his head to top him, nor from his feet to be trampled by him, but from under his arm to be protected by him, near to his heart to be loved by him every woman deserve a man who will respect her like a mother love her as a wife and especially protect her like his daughter Every woman deserves a man who calls her baby, love her like he means it, keeps her like he never wants to let her go, doesn’t cheat or lie, wipes her tears when she cries, doesn’t make her jealous of other women, instead makes other women jealous of her, is not scared to let his friends know how he really feels about her, and lets her know how much he really loves her. Re-post if you agree. Don't settle for less! and may I add. Every man deserves the same thing A real woman knows how to value a relationship... no matter how many Men come, she doesn't care! Because for her, her man is the best! Real men don’t fall in love with a woman’s body but they find beauty in a woman’s heart and soul. They want woman who can love them, care for them and be with them in their good and bad times. So you don’t need to have those amazing curves or a flawless complexion to be defined as attractive. You don’t need to fit into any superficial mould set by others to be labeled as beautiful. Your beauty is not a criteria for a man to fall in love with you. When a man loves you for your compassionate heart and your beautiful soul then you will be the most beautiful woman on this planet just for him and People who are attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body won’t be by your side forever. But the people who can see how beautiful your heart & soul is will never leave you simply because Brilliant mind look for the inside not in the outside.Before you say there's no good men just make sure you're a good woman. Sometimes you attract the lifestyle you live. Having multiple partners doesn't make you a man or woman! Being honest, loyal, faithful and devoted to only one does simply because real men like classy women, so don't expect to attract a real man if you dress, act and talk like a whore! A pretty face gets old. A nice body will change. 
But a good woman will always be a good woman. every man deserves a woman who appreciates his efforts.Being a good person doesn't depend on your religion, your race or your skin color or your culture. It depends on how good is your heart and how good you treat others.In life, if you are intelligent, you are admired. If you are wealthy, you are envied. If you are powerful, you are feared. But if you're blessed with a good heart, you are remembered, always. It's not about the wealth, power, and intellect, but the legacy in life behind those people you've touched. the relationship between a man and his woman sould be like a relationship of a hand and eye if the eyes cried the hand should always be there to wipe its tears just like the husband wipe the wife's tears, Beauty is not just having a beautiful face or a sexy body it is having a good mind, a good heart and good will.

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